Bell & Ross Vintage WW1

The Vintage WW1 is directly inspired by the measurement tools of professionals from a bygone era and could have been worn by a 1920s pilot. In the 21st century it will be worn by all those who desire a timepiece inspired by military watch history.
A masculine icon, this incredibly refined watch paves the way for a new style – military neo-classicism.

The reimagining of those bygone days has resulted in the
creation of two types of watch, representing two eras: a fob
watch of rare dignity, the PW1 which stands for Pocket Watch
1 and the introduction of a wristwatch christened the Vintage
WW1 for Wrist Watch 1. First worn by French soldiers during
World War 1, these wristwatches were then tested by pilots
in the 1920s before being declared technically reliable in the
1930s. The Vintage WW1 pays tribute to this era and takes its
inspiration from the stylistic designs of the "Roaring Twenties".
A true missing "time" link between the pocket watch and the
wristwatch of the 1940s, the shapes and functions of the Vintage
WW1 reflect Bell & Ross’s DNA.

The Vintage PW1 and Vintage WW1 models stand out as
reincarnations of the past that reflect the present. While the
models are distinguished by their finishes and movements with
complementary functions, they nevertheless share common
• A quality Swiss movement.
• The large fob-watch type diameter.
• The grooved crown, inspired by the ones handled by pilots
while wearing gloves, is easy to use.
• The domed crystal gives the watch a vintage look. Unlike
the original, it is made from sapphire, a hard-wearing
material, using perfected techniques.
• The dial, with its clean design, optimizes legibility, a characteristic
of all Bell & Ross watches.
Unique to the VINTAGE WW1 line, the horns replicate original
wire handles that were soldered to the case which, when
combined with the elegance of the straps, evoke the design of
the first wrist watches, yet are ergonomically adapted for the
comfort demanded by today’s men.

Classic and elegant models
Their polished steel case, combined with a domed, sunburst
dial epitomizes the classic design that is inspired by the past.
• The large PW1 fob watch is attached to a long chain. Its
immaculate finish and "barleycorn" guilloché caseback
enhance its allure. This collector’s item is intended only
for true purists who will appreciate its manual winding
• The WW1 with its classic design is available in three
movements: a version with power reserve indicator
(WW1 - 97), a large date version (WW1 - 96) and a version
with large date and power reserve indicator (WW1 - 90).
Each model comes with an alligator strap and steel pin
buckle that set off their timeless elegance.

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