Pickster is a racing pickup. More at its ease at Beverly Hills in Sunset Boulevard or Rodeo Drive than in the Colorado desert.
During its experience Bertone has many times shocked the public and international experts with highly provocative formal models. For example the Runabout and the Stratos during the Seventies or the Space wagon Genesis during the Eighties, and so on.

Bertone’s prototype may be defined as the “MIURA” of the pickup. Though it is almost unknown in Europe, the pickup dominates the American automotive scene unrivalled.
Suffice it to consider that in the 1997 Top Ten most sold vehicles in the USA, the pickup was first and second and a third one was seventh. Three models in the Top Ten ranking first and second in front of saloons and space wagons of all kinds, can certainly not be defined as a passing fashion or merely a market niche.

With these considerations in mind and with a pinch of provocation, Bertone is proposing the Pickster. A possible market niche in the pickup market. Certainly not the pickup for off road use or carrying farm goods, but a perky, sprightly two-seater that certainly does not go by unobserved.

Pickster is the desire to infuse the spirit of Grand Tourism in the pickup typology, with an extreme styling in which complex surfaces wrap muscles around the side panel. The intention of the research is to find a balance between formal extremism that combine the full and streamlined treatments of a coupé with the open and functional volumes of the loading compartment of a pickup.

As the point of observation changes, Pickster identifies itself with different types of products (coupé, speedster, pick-up) arousing curiosity with its chameleon personality.
Pickster sticks to the ground with its big 21″ wheels covered with Michelin PAX Tyres which allow it to continue travelling safely even after a puncture.

The passenger compartment reflects the transgressive and dynamic spirit of the outside styling, an environment inspired by technical-functional minimalism of the streamlining with High-Tech materials upholstered with soft leather to ensure that comfort is not compromised. Thanks to two seats that pop back into the large loading platform, it is possible to enjoy the flexibility of running through the air in a protected position.

On board, Pickster has a TECmobility Route Planner information and navigation
system which works through the most advanced satellite technology.

Pickster has been designed for the BMW 6 cylinder 3.2i24V Motorsport 320 HP engine.
Provocation, enjoyment and complicity are the very essence of Pickster.
In the past, Bertone’s provocation have often brought good luck….

Length: 4833 mm
Width: 1970 mm
Height: 1365 mm
Wheelbase: 3056 mm

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