Audi Bike

An Audi Bike for Everyone

The Audi Bike series is the result of a study on modern urban bicycle design inspired by the Audi brand design philosophy – the result: a premium class collection of modern, minimal bikes with a sporty, emotional appearance. The family consists of a folding cruiser, hybrid electric/human-powered commuter, and dual sport-tourer. Just like the Audi line of vehicles, there’s one for every taste and purpose. Hit the jump for the full 360º!

The “Audi Bike” Sports bike: The “Audi Bike” Sports bike represents a premium class bicycle segment. The dynamic body frame made by solid and lightweight material (like carbon fiber or aluminum) is combining the Seat post construction and the chain ring mechanism. The innovative bicycle body design language contains all functional and safety features. The seat post construction can be regulated by the user with a simple and convenient convertible, transformable option. The chain ring mechanism is a simplified by the safe covering system, which makes it convenient and safe. The design language of this new chain ring represents a new technical solution for all modern bicycle chains. In general the “Audi Bike” design language represents the new design ideology, to minimized the old fashioned technical, conservative construction approach and maximizes the functional, safety and aesthetics features.

The “Audi Bike” Folding bike: This folding bike represents an urban transportation segment. The general design language follows to the new “Audi Bike” family design direction, with a rational, sporty, and dynamic body language. The folding bike design face is reworked to be more urban oriented. For the global problem of urban traffic, this foldable option can be used in a efficient and useful way. The folding bike’s body is lightweight and compact, easily fitted in a standard car trunk. The folding bike can be connected with a global city network using a new smart phone or GPS mobile device system, offering to the consumer a live city map, free parking zones and urban traffic map.

The “Audi Bike” Electric bike: This hybrid electric bike represents a mountain (hilly) urban transportation segment. The Electric bike design language follows to the new “Audi Bike” family design direction, with a much more refined surface design definitions. The dynamic body frame and wheels are made by carbon fiber, which makes electric bike lightweight and solid. The upper part of the body frame combines the eclectic lithium battery cargo, with a Battery range for sample regular urban use. The Electric bike contains also the (HP) humane powered mechanism, which can be used as a generator option for charging an electric batteries and also used in a flat urban areas.

Designer: Vladimer Kobakhidze



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