Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11

Our eyes constantly adjust automatically to lighting conditions without us noticing. Bang & Olufsen’s Automatic Picture Control brings this to your television. A built-in sensor in BeoVision 11 measures the full 360 degrees of light around the room. This nerve center collects instant lighting data that allows the television to automatically adjusting colours, sharpness and contrast in the same way our brains adapt our eyes to changing light.
There's a huge difference between watching daytime news in a room flooded with light and cozying up in front of a movie in the dark. Bang & Olufsen television adapts seamlessly to these different conditions, constantly adjusting its image to avoid strain on the eyes. Even light reflected off white walls behind your BeoVision 11 is taken into account to ensure your optimal viewing pleasure.

At Bang & Olufsen, viewing pleasure is our ultimate focus. Our image engineers understand that true performance lies in the perfection of the finest detail. Through meticulous analysis of minute and complex interactions between eyes and brain they have optimised image contrast down to the very last pixel to achieve the ideal balance of shadow and light. From the very brightest star, to the deepest, darkest night, we make sure your eyes don’t miss a thing.
Images with little contrast are incredibly hard on eyes because our mind struggles to identify shapes and details. Adaptive Contrast uses incredible sensitive algorithms to enhance an image, revealing details in areas of the screen otherwise lost in darkness.

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