Scuderia Ferrari One BY Cabestan

Scuderia Ferrari One BY Cabestan

To reach deep into Ferrari´s DNA, Crealuxe worked closely with the Ferrari design team based in Maranello, Italy, led by Flavio Manzoni to create an exciting new Ferrari chassis for the high performance Cabestan motor inside.

The first step was to identify the characteristic elements in Ferrari´s Formula 1 race cars: materials, shapes, surfaces, etc. and to design these elements into a new case that would capture all the emotion that is synonymous with Ferrari.

The case of the Scuderia Ferrari One embodies speed, power and aerodynamic perfection. It is made of a titanium alloy used for components of Ferrari Formula 1 cars. The single crystal enhances the distinctive visual lineage that is unmistakably Ferrari. The motor is perfectly visible with its large wheel, stylishly engraved aluminum rotary drums and carbon-fiber bridge. On the sides, a special magnesium alloy was used to create likenesses of the wheels and lug nuts that are emblematic of motor sports. Even the leather strap, captures the emotion of the Daytona leather seats of Ferrari automobiles.

 The nucleus of the motor, with its vertical gear train, is a vertical tourbillon coupled with a miniature chain and fusee, an automatic transmission, that compensates for the torque curve of the mainspring and delivers a constant force to the movement. The result is a timepiece that is amazingly accurate: ±1 second per day.

 The Scuderia Ferrari One is an exceptional timepiece, perfectly embodying the passion, excitement and performance of Ferrari. In fact, it is truly a Ferrari.


Design Jointly developed by Crealuxe and the Ferrari Design Centre team; inspired by Ferrari Formula 1 racing technology, materials and design.

MotorCalibre CAB EC 101, manually wound with Swiss lever escapement, entirely conceived, developed and built by the Cabestan manufacture.

 Total of 809 components fully assembled and regulated by hand

Tourbillon regulated in 6 positions with constant force delivered by the chain and fusee (automatic gear system to equalize torque).

Frequency: 21 600 alt/h or 3 Hz

Hairspring with Breguet overcoil and Geneva stud

Steel chain 160 mm long composed of 235 links & 156 rivets, assembled manually

Central divider in carbon fibre composite used in Ferrari Formula 1 cars, with Scuderia Ferrari logo.

Time setting and rewinding with a miniature dynamometric winch

Manual finishing of all components: beveling, polishing, drawing and circular finishing

DisplaysHours, minutes & seconds shown on 3 engraved aluminium rotary drums marked with Super Luminova using Ferrari fonts.

72-hour power reserve shown on an engraved aluminium rotary drum marked with Super Luminova using Ferrari fonts.

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