Ecosse Titanium Series RR

 Motorcycle: Ecosse Titanium Series RR - $300,000

Before anyone brings up the $555,000 Dodge Tomahawk, let’s agree that it’s barely a motorcycle and more of a four-wheeled abomination. A real motorcycle has two wheels, and is a metaphor for freedom, justice and being a badass while whipping through town.
The Ecosse motorcycle is a piece of art that just happens to blow the doors off of every car you’ve ever owned. With a titanium chassis atop carbon fiber wheels, the bike might empty your bank account, 401(k), and any sort of college fund you've saved up for your kids. But when you’re barreling down the road with 200hp between your legs, you won’t care. You also might want to invest in a gym membership; 210-foot pounds of torque will rip your arms off if you’re not careful.

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