Megatrend MkIII



Speakers: Megatrend MkIII - $80,000

The term “wall of sound” is often thrown around too liberally in reference to large stereo systems. But the Megatrend MKIII speakers really do form an actual wall at seven feet tall and more than three feet wide. And that’s just one speaker. They come in pairs.
Each speaker (if you can call it that) comes in two pieces: the aforementioned wall with 24 eight-inch woofers, and an accompanying ribbon-line speaker tower for the high end. With four separate pieces covering the lowest lows to the highest highs, the Megatrend MKIII is a more than just an expensive speaker system -- it’s an audiophile's dream.
According to the manufacturer, Transmission Audio, the Megatrend MKII uses a dipole system that doesn’t rely on a cabinet case, yet delivers superior sound with only an eight-inch baffle. In lay terms, the speaker sounds amazing without having to rely on a deep speaker cabinet. 

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