Louis Vuitton - Haute Joiallerie

Louis Vuitton

Haute Joiallerie– Voyage dans le temps

Travel is an unending source of inspiration for the Maison Louis Vuitton. The Voyage dans le temps fine jewellery collection designed by Lorenz Bäumer, artistic director for fine jewellery, is once again celebrating this theme so beloved to Louis Vuitton in an allegorical form that transports us beyond a mere geographical concept of travel. In this bold collection, Louis Vuitton pays tribute to the techniques of the past and age-old cuts of stones, while imposing an unmistakeably contemporary and feminine aesthetic.

Each creation plays with jewellery codes, brilliantly transcending eras and styles. The jeweller’s expertise is revealed through two diamond cuts exclusive to the Maison, mesh worked in all of its forms to add flexibility and suppleness to the material, and gold covered with blue ceramic powder that marks a further step towards innovation.
The Monogram flowers – powerful and inseparable signatures of Louis Vuitton’s history – are celebrated here in multiple facets to more fully express all their richness and depth. As versatile as the Louis Vuitton woman, these creations stand the test of time without ever losing their essence.

This theme offers a delicate reinterpretation of Louis Vuitton’s timeless signature Monogram flowers in diamond lace. A masterful Peter Pan collar harkens back to the graceful style of the Victorian era, echoing Marc Jacobs’ creations. Like a second skin, this astonishingly supple piece weaves invisible threads set with rose- or brilliant-cut antique diamonds, converging on a front clasp inspired by those found on Louis Vuitton trunks. The set features a host of brooches and bracelets – a wide brooch drapes across the décolleté like the front of a Belle Epoque bodice, while a ring holds the secret of a mysterious grey-blue spinel in diamond lace.

A cosmic vision offering an architectural and futuristic interpretation of the Monogram. A 2.56-carat Louis Vuitton star-cut diamond shines at the centre of a constellation of brilliant- and marquise-cut diamonds interspersed with crystalline forms in sculpted gold covered in blue ceramic dust. A unique treatment that lends the precious metal the intensity and depth of an almost surreal colour. Inspired by 19th-century sets of jewels, this incredibly supple necklace, designed to be worn high on the neck, transforms into two magnificent cuffs.

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