McLaren Venge

McLaren Venge - $18,000

Purchasing a new road bike is already an expensive endeavor. A top-of-the-line bicycle can cost upward of $2,500. This would explain why so many cyclists can be seen riding at 5 a.m.: They’re trying to get their money’s worth, even if it means cycling 18 hours a day. But for maximum road speed and technology, you turn to racing -- car racing.
The Specialized S-Works +McLaren Venge brings together the usually confrontational worlds of cars and bicycles in a single, lightweight, carbon-fiber rocket. With the help of the McLaren Technology Center, Specialized was also able to improve the stiffness of the frame. So, if you’re looking to go faster not only because your bike was designed by an exotic super-car company, but also because your wallet is significantly lighter, this is the bike to buy.

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